My Story

My pictures are a blend of things we see and our interpretations of them, they have been described as a rainbow mixed with a kaleidoscope; an animal’s dreams.

Inspirations: Music, Musings, Interpretations, Kindness, The Human Condition, Pseudo-Schizophrenia, Soulful Animals, Friends, What brought us here?

I construct and deconstruct, often to the detriment of the initial plan, but the plan is only good for one day, the interpretations are living and breathing.

I am constantly trying to improve who I am always look through the windshield and avoid the rearview, my art is a reflection of my rearview mirror.

5% of all the gross proceeds of the sales of my work goes directly to a conservation charity

Muscle on the knees
Tanned People Please
Elastic on the hem
Want to run my digit under them
Wanton thoughts
Cravings rot
Lunchtime regrets
Ridiculous empty threats
Didnt mind the tongue
So high strung